Maintenance work at the Yaroslavl highway

June 20, 2011

Difficulties in organizing the movement of vehicles may be due to maintenance work at the Yaroslavl highway, which will last until October this year, reports the Office of the State Traffic Police of MIA of Russia, Moscow region. Work carried out on the 49th kilometer (repair of the bridge) and the 52 -, 58 -, 61-kilometer (reconstruction of overpasses).

Traffic Police offers the following options for detours.

When moving in the direction of Moscow:
- Difficulties in motion a 61-kilometer road "Kholmogory" You can drive around on the site of the old-Yaroslavl highway, adjoining the highway on the right to "M-8" Kholmogory "- Sergiev Posad - the M-8" Kholmogory "";
- Detour to repair parts at 52 and 49 kilometers, you can use old-Yaroslavl highway, adjacent to the 56 kilometer road "Kholmogory" on the right.

When moving in the direction of the City of Moscow:
- Renovation work at 49 km may bypass, following the old-Yaroslavsky highway 48 kilometers (intersection with the a / d IMC A-107) to 51 kilometers from the exit to the highway M-8 "Kholmogory" through the road junction;
- Difficulty in driving at 58 km can be avoided by using the old-Yaroslavsky highway on 57 (bp Golygino) to 60 kilometers.

For travel outside the Moscow area, you can use M-7 motorway "Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod" and A-104 "Moscow Dmitrov-Dubna". Departure from the above routes to the highway M-8 "Kholmogory" around 80 km is possible on Dmitrovsky, Yaroslavl and Yaroslavl-Nizhny Novgorod outstrip highway A-108 "MBC" (large concrete ring).