About Us

Strunino Industrial Park represents an industrial territory prepared for building with engineering infrastructure facilities, utilities, and business maintenance package including protected territory, an office building, and heavy vehicles parking. In the territory of Strunino Industrial Park all necessary conditions to set industrial and logistical structures are created. The project is introduced according to the General layout of development of the Alexandrov District Vladimir Region.


Project Main Purpose
To provide an opportunity for project’s participants to develop their business within the most convenient conditions and at the lowest expenses.

Utility Services
We provide each site with necessary utility services including gas, electricity, water, sewerage, telephone and the Internet. All utilities in the Industrial Park are centralized.

Project Description:
· territory of the Park covers 90.8 ha;
· area of building sites is 83.0 ha;
· area under roads is 4.0 ha (25 m road reserve width);
· area under engineering infrastructure facilities is 2.1 ha;
· planting area covers 1.7 ha;

Legal information:
· type of right – property;
· category of land – industry land;
· kind of permitted use – siting of industrial and administration buildings, structures, constructions, and objects serving them.